The Three Pillars of MedRhythms’ Culture

by Brittany Mailman, Head of People and Culture

At MedRhythms, we are assembling a workforce committed to positively impacting the lives of those living with neurologic injury and disease by building next-generation neurotherapeutics that leverage the power of music and technology to redefine what’s possible in brain health, for patients around the world. 


While everything we do at MedRhythms is anchored around this mission and the patients we serve, we are equally committed to achieving this mission by developing a positive culture where our employees can learn, grow, and thrive. This mission that drives us, the values that we share, and the team members who contribute daily to our vision  define our culture. We are the curators of our culture and every new employee who joins the team brings something new and valuable. 


The culture at MedRhythms has been and will continue to be innate to who we are and critical to achieving our mission. This past summer, our entire team was proud that our exceptional culture earned MedRhythms a spot on the Best Places to Work in Maine list, which was announced in August 2022 in a MaineBiz article. Joining the ranks of the best companies in the state of Maine is a testament to the culture that our employees have built and is an incredible honor, as the companies on the list are selected based on anonymous feedback from employees about their experience at work and the workplace environment. 


In October, we received an even greater honor when it was announced that MedRhythms was ranked number 17 on the list of the Best Places to Work in Maine in the Small Business category. In a program that selected the 100 top places to work from across the state, this ranking is an achievement that we are proud of and are excited to share. Together, we have built a culture that embodies the essence of MedRhythms and that is rooted in three pillars that define us. 


We are committed to People First

First and foremost, the MedRhythms team is committed to the patients we serve. We make decisions each day that enable us to better impact the lives of those living with neurologic disease and injury. “People First” also means that we genuinely care about our team members and support each other. We believe that every member of the organization plays an integral role in fulfilling our mission and shaping our culture. We check our egos at the door, don’t take ourselves too seriously and collaborate for the common good. We trust without hesitation while holding each other accountable. We are empathetic, passionate and eager to help. We fail, succeed and celebrate together.


We committed to Excellence Always

We set the bar high and endeavor to exceed expectations in order to accomplish our mission. We believe that by committing to excellence, we elevate each other and ultimately provide better care for our patients. We are not perfect, but excellence is not perfection. It is messy, and not given, but earned. 


We are committed to being Action Focused

We have a bias toward taking action. Our team members are empowered to take control of their work and own their goals. We urge our team to make decisions, to fail, and to fail fast. We expect our team to learn from these failures and make decisions to correct them. We pride ourselves in being nimble, scrappy, and focused on “doing”. We are excited by a challenge and passionate about our mission. We are not afraid to ask for help when we need it and offer it to others without question. We seize every opportunity that we get and work incredibly hard to achieve success. 


As the Head of People and Culture at MedRhythms, it is my duty, honor, and joy to ensure that every aspect of our team and the work we accomplish is built upon these cultural pillars. However, the culture at MedRhythms is bigger than any one individual. Upholding this culture relies on the team’s collective commitment to these pillars and living them out in their actions every single day. Within this framework, it is the responsibility of every team member to imbue their work and interactions, both internal and external, with a dedication to these cultural pillars. 


A purposeful culture is essential to the success of any team, particularly when the team is experiencing growth and onboarding new team members both in-person and remote. While we are headquartered in Portland, Maine, our team members live and work across the United States. We are committed to making our team more inclusive and diverse while providing an equitable work experience, where every idea and voice is heard, and everybody feels that they belong. 

Driven by our philosophy of flexibility and trust, we have created a fun, fast-paced, and fulfilling work environment for all of our employees, regardless of where they live and work. Together, we set ambitious goals for our team this year, and we know that there will be many challenges in achieving those goals. We also know that no challenge is too great when you have a team built on trust and a culture that binds us together.