The Prelude Study

A Usability Study For Stroke Survivors

MedRhythms is developing an investigational medical device that provides therapy at home for people with walking impairments due to a stroke.

The product uses music and sensors to provide personalized rehabilitation based on neuroscience research in music. When marketed, it is intended to improve stroke survivors’ walking speed, while maintaining gait quality and safety.

While clinical trials are underway, we’re making the technology available for trial use to identify ways to improve the patient experience.

How does it work?

Sign up below and complete a brief eligibility survey. Eligible participants can choose to:

  • Join upcoming design interviews or
  • Try a device at home for 1-2 months

Using the device is simple:

  1. Sensors clip onto your shoes to evaluate your walking
  2. Walk with music that adapts to your steps. Your only job is to try and “walk-to-the-beat” of the music
  3. Participants share feedback about their experience with the study team

You may be eligible if...

  • Your stroke was 3 months ago or longer
  • You have walking impairments caused by your stroke
  • You are able to walk independently for at least 1-2 minutes
  • You live in the U.S
Participation in this study is completely free and optional.

Questions? Email us at: