Max Michaud

Board Member

Max Michaud is the second of eleven children born into a multigenerational, musically inclined farming family in St. Agatha, Maine. She used her education, a BS in PE, Wellness & Community Recreation from UMaine, Orono and a COTA from KVCC in Fairfield, Maine, to practice in both fields as a clinician, volunteer and coach. In 2007, after living with Multiple Sclerosis and working full-time for more than 30 years, she “retired” – she started an MS Support Group, began volunteering for numerous non-profits, and became a participant and mentor in year-round Maine Adaptive Sports & Recreation activities.

“I believe music plays as much a part in physical healing as it does in spiritual and emotional renewal. The freeing nature of music returns me to my family roots and lets me “go with the flow.” Although MS often makes it difficult for me to keep moving, music helps me remain mobile and live my life. This Patient Advisory Board is made up of patients who experience a myriad of neurological dysfunctions and have GOALS to LIVE LIFE to its FULLEST. Their experiences and feedback will be invaluable to healthcare providers and they’ll show others in their communities that their diagnosis doesn’t define them.”