Chrissy Bellows

Board Member

Music has always been a very positive element in Chrissy’s life. As a Spanish teacher, she found that making up songs in Spanish helped the children learn and made the class more enjoyable for everyone. Chrissy had a stroke in 2016, soon after her retirement, and started attending a local stroke support group. This is where she learned about MedRhythms. Because of her love for music, Chrissy felt that MedRhythms was on a positive track for helping stroke victims and wanted to help them achieve their goal.

“As a result of my testing for MedRhythms, I have found that their use of music and the staff’s enthusiasm, support, and encouragement has greatly improved my walking ability. I would be gratified to do what I can do as a member of the Patient Advisory Board to help MedRhythms further the development of their hardware and software.”